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360 Degree Feedback Products

Aspire has a range of 360 Degree Feedback & Appraisal tools that are designed to help managers develop at all levels.

Development areas to improve performance as a team leader or manager of others could include gaining a better self-awareness by learning how their colleagues perceive them, developing a deeper insight into what they do well in the workplace and understanding where they add most value. So whether you’re a HR manager wanting to bring to life a set of competencies across the business, an independent coach wanting to measure performance to help develop a wider perspective of your clients' impact, or a line manager looking for ways to be more effective in what you do, then we have a 360 Degree Feedback and Appraisal product that is right for you.

  • Generic 360 Degree Feedback and Appraisal Tool

    Our popular, easy-to-use Generic 360 Degree Feedback & Appraisal questionnaire measures four critical areas of a manager’s performance: how well they lead people, how well they manage and improve processes, how well they manage and service their customers, and how well they drive performance and results in their team.

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  • Tailored 360 Degree Feedback and Appraisal Tool

    This successful 360 Degree Feedback product measures the values and culture that is unique to every business and organisation. Our Tailored 360 Degree Feedback and Appraisal questionnaire gets to heart of what’s important to your business, so as well as measuring the four critical areas of management - people, process, customers and results, the Tailored 360 Degree Feedback and Appraisal questionnaire measures the DNA of your business, your core values, behaviours and culture.

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  • Bespoke 360 Degree Feedback and Appraisal Tool

    Aspire's innovative Bespoke 360 Degree Feedback and Appraisal product focuses entirely on the behaviours, values and competencies that are important to your business or organisation. Aspire uses its in-depth knowledge and skill, working in partnership with your HR or OD function, to design and implement a bespoke 360 Degree Feedback and Appraisal questionnaire especially for your business. This enables you to pin point measurement of the performance, capability and development of the workforce at an individual, team and organisational level. Building on this benchmark employees can develop and grow, contributing to your business and helping you to move closer to achieving your objectives.

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    I really like the layout of Aspire's 360° Profiling & Feedback tool; it's colourful, clear and simple. The questions used are relevant to a wide variety of roles too, so it can be implemented for a number of different roles.