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Getting Started with Aspire's 360 Degree Feedback Tool

  • To begin with

    • Choose the 360 Degree Feedback product which is right for you or your organisation’s needs. If you need any help with this then contact Aspire to assist you in the decision making process.
    • Request an Aspire 360 Degree Feedback account – This is quick to do, we simply ask you to enter some correspondence details and create a password for future use. 
    • You will then submit your account information to Aspire and we will authorise your 360 Degree Feedback account within one working day. 
  • The next step

    • When we activate your account you will receive an email notifying you that your account has been activated. 
    • You’re now ready to purchase credits for your account – click the Purchase Questionnaires button.  Click on the 360 Degree Feedback report you would like to buy credit for and enter the amount of 360 Degree Feedback reports you would like and purchase the credits.
  • The final step

    • Start your first 360 Degree Feedback Campaign – having purchased credit for your account, all you need is a 360 Degree Feedback campaign title (e.g. the group you are working with or the name of the individual manager), a completion date (a deadline you want to set for completing responses) and the manager(s) email addresses. Then click Start New 360 Campaign.
    • It really is that simple… 

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We've been using Aspire's 360° Profiling & Feedback tool for a while now and the team has responded to our requests quickly, meaning I can present back to my client at our next session.