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360 Degree Feedback User Guide

  • To begin the 360 Degree Feedback process

    • Simply hover over log in on the Aspire Online website ( and click on the Aspire 360 Degree Feedback tool login link. This will take you to the login page and you can then enter your username and password. 
    • You’re now ready to purchase credits for your 360 Degree Feedback account – click the Purchase Questionnaires button. then click on the 360 Degree Feedback report you would like to buy credits for and enter the amount of 360 Degree Feedback reports you would like and purchase the credits.
    • Start your first 360 degree Feedback Campaign – having purchased credit for your account, all you need is, a 360 Degree Feedback campaign title (e.g. the group you are working with or the name of the individual manager), a completion date (the deadline you want to set for completing responses) and the manager(s) email addresses. Then click Start New 360 Degree Feedback Campaign.
    • When you have entered the details for your 360 Degree Feedback campaign into the system an automatic email will be sent to the manager(s).
  • The next step in the 360 Degree Feedback process

    • The manager(s) will be asked to log in and invite their colleagues to take part in the 360 degree feedback process. You as the coach/ administrator will be able to view the stage which they’re at with sending the 360 degree feedback invites out to their colleagues.
    • When the manager(s) have input all their colleagues’ details into the system and clicked submit an automatic email will be sent to their colleagues and themselves. This will invite them to log in and complete the 360 Degree feedback questionnaire by the deadline which was set when you set up the 360 feedback campaign.
  • The final step in the 360 Degree Feedback process

    • The coach/ administrator can log in at any time and view the progress of the campaign (who has completed the 360 degree feedback questionnaire and who hasn't).
    • Once the deadline has been reached, the system will automatically collate the responses into an anonymous client Aspire 360 Degree Feedback report and a strictly confidential coach 360 Degree Feedback report.
    • The coach/ administrator can log in and download the Aspire 360 Degree Feedback reports (in PDF format) and then prepare for the feedback session.
    • Our 360 Degree Feedback process is really that simple…

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Aspire's 360° Profiling & Feedback tool makes it so easy to feed back to clients, as it summarises the responses into groups, such as direct reports, peers and so on.