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Aspire 360 Degree Feedback Tool FAQs

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  • What is 360° feedback?

    360° feedback is a way of evaluating an individual’s Leadership & Management skills by gathering results from questionnaires completed by a selection of that individuals immediate work circle – Line Manager, Team, Customer, Peers and also the individual’s perception of their own Leadership & Management Strengths.

  • What does Aspire’s generic 360° feedback tool measure?

    Aspire’s 360° profiling and feedback tool measures the four critical areas of focus for all leaders:


    People Having the skill, knowledge and ability to engage, motivate, support and empower people at all levels to play their part in delivering results.

    Managing Processes

    Understanding and critically challenging how the business processes work and finding different ways of working that are high quality, cost effective, efficient and easy to use.

    Delivering Service

    Providing excellent levels of service to internal and external customers, by working and communicating with others where appropriate.

    Driving Performance

    Driving the business, team or individual by setting objectives and targets and monitoring and measuring progress to inform strategic and tactical decisions.

  • Can I use our businesses/ organisations values/competencies with your report?

    You are free to choose exactly how you want to use our 360 tool: –

    • The generic report is an easy to use, off the shelf product using Aspires four critical areas of focus for leaders.
    • Our tailored report would measure the four critical areas for a leader as in the generic tool, with an extra section tailored to your organisation’s values/competencies – please contact us on 01422 241964 to discuss your options.
    • Our bespoke report is designed working closely with you to produce a product especially for your business, aligned directly to your organisations values/competencies.  This product will enable you to identify your core people’s strengths as well as the skills, competency and behaviours gaps at individual, team and whole business levels.

    Armed with this knowledge, we’re then able to provide detailed feedback on areas for employee improvement (and even help you to put plans in place and deliver a whole host of training) so that your employees continue to develop and grow, contributing to your business, helping you to move closer to achieving your aims and objectives.

  • Who can access Aspire’s 360 ° feedback tools?

    Aspire’s 360 is available for use by coaches, organisations or individuals. We would recommend the generic 360 tool for coaches to have access to a non-accredited 360 tool in your kitbag. The generic 360 tool would also be used for individuals. We would recommend the tailored or bespoke 360 tools for Organisations as these products measure your company’s values and competences.

  • What timescales am I looking at to complete the 360° process?

    In our experience we would suggest giving a week for someone to decide and send out to respondents and two weeks for the respondents to complete their questionnaires. With the coach/manager arranging a feedback session for the end of the fourth week/beginning of the fifth.

  • Will the questionnaire be relevant at all management levels within my business?

    Yes, because our questionnaire asks about Leadership and Impact they are relevant to all leaders whatever level of an organisation they are at.

  • Will the questionnaire be relevant to all the respondents?

    The questions are tailored depending on weather the respondents are your Manager, Peer, Team members our customer. This ensures every question is relevant to the person completing the questionnaire.

  • Is the process confidential?

    Because the administration of the 360° questionnaires is via our secure on-line site all the respondents completed questionnaires are only ever available to the coach who set up the feedback campaign and to the Aspire administration team, who are used to working with confidential information.

  • Does the coach receive a separate report?

    Yes, the coach is the only person to receive reports directly. They will receive a report showing all scores and summaries from each respondent and they will also receive the full 360 ° profile and feedback report for the delegate.  They can then choose how they give the report to the person receiving feedback, either by email prior to the feedback session or as a hard copy or indeed both.

  • How do I pay for my 360’s?

    You can pay for Aspire 360’s in two ways:
    The first is via World Pay through our website.
    The second is by invoice but this is assessed by Aspire on a client by client basis and subject to credit checks.

  • Are there any bulk purchase discounts?

    Yes, the more profiles you purchase the cheaper they become per unit:-

    1 - 4 reports £90 + VAT
    5 -10 reports £60 each + VAT
    11 - 50 reports £45 each + VAT
    51 + reports £30 each + VAT

  • Do I need to select which 360 I want before I request my account?

    No, you can request an account and then decide.  Even if you go down the tailored or bespoke 360 route (where we would work with you to produce an individual questionnaire) an account would be necessary if you or someone within your organisation wanted to be able to administer your own 360 process.

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    Aspire’s 360° Profiling & Feedback tool is very clear; it covers the areas that coaching clients want to know about, such as their effectiveness as leaders, and how they come across to other people.